Japone Chiles

The Japones Chile (Capsicum Annuum) is similar in appearance to the De Arbol. Though the walls of the Japones are thicker. Dried Japones Chiles are medium hot and good with Asian dishes. On the heat scale, this chile is 5-6. Scoville heat units 15,000 to 35,000.


  1. Sri Lanka Fried Chiles

Low Carb

  1. Spicy Red Salsa with Chile Japones

Main Dish

  1. Achiote-Grilled Turkey Breast with Tomatoes, Chiles, and Mint
  2. Breadfruit/Kadachakka Thoran
  3. Chicken Fajitas with Mango Salsa
  4. Chile-Braised Pork Shoulder Tacos
  5. Chinese Chile Chicken
  6. Chongqing Chicken
  7. Dal Palak Dhaba Style
  8. General Tso's Chicken III
  9. Golden Chicken Wings with Ginger Caramel and Chili Sauce
  10. Grilled Chile Chicken
  11. Menudo Rojo
  12. Mexican Braised Pork Shoulder
  13. Orange Chicken with Red Chiles
  14. Pad Thai Noodles
  15. Roasted Pork Loin with Spicy Plum Chutney and Roasted Vegetables
  16. Saag Paneer: Spinach with Indian Curry
  17. Salpicon de Filete a lo Japones (Gingered Steak and Napa Cabbage Salad)
  18. Spicy Cashew Chicken
  19. Spicy South Indian (nagapattinam) Crab and Eggplant Curry
  20. Swiss Steak (Mexican-Style)
  21. Texas Style Skillet Scampi
  22. Thai Green Curry with Broccoli and Asparagus
  23. Trey Trung Kroeung (Lemongrass Enrobed Catfish Fillets)


  1. Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Stock)
  2. Chile Orange Oil
  3. Chuletas Contentas
  4. Hot Latina
  5. Jalapeno-Lemon Feta
  6. Nahm Prik Pao (Roasted Chile Paste)
  7. Provencal Pizza Oil
  8. Roasted Dried Chile Powder


  1. Spicy Red Salsa with Chile Japones


  1. Crunchy Chile Sauce
  2. El Torito Adobo Al Pastor Sauce
  3. Indonesian Peanut Sauce

Side Dishes

  1. Chinese Long Bean and Baby Bok Choy Stir-Fry
  2. Haak (Greens)
  3. Hot and Sour Cabbage
  4. Schezwan Vegetables
  5. Spicy Mac and Cheese


  1. Creamy Carrot Soup
  2. Curried Chestnut and Lentil Soup
  3. Sour and Spicy Shrimp Soup


  1. Dal Palak Dhaba Style
  2. Spicy Mac and Cheese
  3. Spicy Red Salsa with Chile Japones
  4. Thai Green Curry with Broccoli and Asparagus