Vietnamese Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawns

These are very hot little firecrackers from the orient. They can be used to add spice to almost any oriental dish. They dry very easily and can be stored and used this way for a long time.

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8-10 jumbo prawns (head & legs included)
2 cups corn flour
16 oz vegetable oil
1 tsp five spice
1 tsp sugar
1 TBSP finely diced red shallot
1 TBSP finely diced garlic 4 spring onions, sliced into
4 cm pieces
2 chiles, finely sliced
1 lime, quartered
sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


We first dry roasted the salt, pepper & five spice in a pan. After the mix cooled, we combined it with sugar and set it aside.

In a deep fry wok, we brought the oil to 350°F. We dusted the prawns with flour and fried them, 2 at a time. Once cooked, we placed each on kitchen paper.

In a separate pan we cooked the red shallots, garlic, chili and spring onions on medium heat until fragrant. We lastly added the cooked prawns, the salt, pepper & five spice mix and tossed to combine. We served them with lime.