Three Layer Hummus

Jalapenos are the most popular chile peppers in the US. This is probably due to the availability and versatility of the chile. Jalapenos have a balanced combination of flavor and heat.

The demand for these have caused breeders to develop a broad range of varieties. You can now get jalapenos with various heat level and sizes. These can be used in salsas, stuffed, or eaten straight with cheeseburgers (my personal favorite).

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2x 15 oz. cans of chickpeas, rinsed & drained
2 tbsp. tahini
2-3 lemons
1 garlic clove
1½ tsp. salt
¼ c. water
⅓ c. olive oil
1 small roasted red pepper (about ¼ c. chopped)
1 small jalapeno, ribs & seeds removed
1 c. cilantro leaves

cilantro sprigs


In a blender, add the tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and water. Process until smooth.

Set aside 2 tbsp. of chickpeas (for garnish) and add the rest to the blender. Slowly stream in the olive oil to emulsify. If it seems too thick, add additional water or oil to loosen it up. Taste the hummus and add extra lemon juice and salt if necessary. Using a rubber spatula, divide the hummus equally into 3 bowls.

To make the 1st layer, puree one bowl of hummus with the roasted red peppers. Transfer to a clean bowl and set aside. Rinse and dry the blender.

For the 2nd layer, puree another bowl of hummus with ½ of the jalapeno and cilantro leaves. Give it a taste. Add the rest of the jalapeno if you like it spicy. Dollop the jalapeno-cilantro layer into the bottom of a serving bowl. Spread it out using the back of the spoon. To prevent the layers from mixing together, dollop along the edges and work your way in towards the center of the bowl.

Repeat with the remaining layers. Garnish with extra cilantro sprigs and chickpeas. Serve chilled or at room temperature with blue corn chips.

Notes: To make this 1 day in advance, refrigerate all 3 layers in individual containers. Assemble the dip on the day that you are going to serve.