Roasted Poblano-Goat Cheese Soft Tacos

This chile pepper is often mislabeled ‘Pasilla’, which is a different pepper entirely.It is one of the most popular chiles in Mexico and has won the appreciation of many a chef worldwide because of the superior flavor it has over regular bell peppers.

They have a tough outer skin that usually requires roasting and peeling before use. These very large chile peppers are most popular in chiles rellenos recipes, but cooking with these as a substitute for bell peppers in any recipe will enhance the flavor.

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1-2 poblano chiles per person
Vegetable oil
Small flour tortillas
Goat cheese


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Toss the chiles with oil and spread in a single layer in a baking pan. Roast about 40 minutes, turning occasionally, until the chiles are charred. Place the chiles in a bowl and cover. Let steam 10-15 minutes until cool enough to touch without burning your fingers. Peel the skins off the chiles and cut into strips. Be sure to remove all the seeds.

Heat the tortillas in a pan or oven until warmed through. Fill with strips of chiles and goat cheese.