Pork Asada Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa Verde

The best American name for this vegetable would probably be “Mexican green tomato”, but they actually taste nothing like regular tomatoes, In fact, the tomatillo is not a tomato at all. The tomatillo has a tart, lemony flavor that is enhance when cooked (especially roasted) and is an excellent base for salsas. While salsa (salsa verde) is the most popular way to enjoy tomatillo, they can be used in other ways. Tomatillos contain high amounts of vitamin A&C. Tomatillos are our #2 sales item!

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4 large tomatillos, husks removed, rinsed, and halved
1 lime, juiced
2 garlic cloves, peeled
1 jalapeño, seeded and chopped
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 cup diced white onion
1/3 cup chopped cilantro

For the Tacos:
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons ground cumin
2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 (1 pound) pork tenderloins
12 homemade corn tortillas
Tacos (Optional)
1 lime, thinly sliced
1 avocado, peeled and diced


Preheat the broiler. Place the tomatillos, cut side down, on a small rimmed baking sheet. Broil for about 5 minutes, until charred all over. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly.

Place the tomatillos, lime juice, garlic, jalapeño, and salt in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until smooth. Transfer to a small bowl and stir in the onions and cilantro. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to use. Tacos

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Heat the olive oil in a large ovenproof skillet over high heat.

Stir together the cumin, chili powder, salt, coriander, and garlic powder in a small bowl. Rub all over the pork tenderloin. Add the pork to the pan and sear for 1 to 2 minutes per side, until golden brown. Transfer to the oven and cook for another 15 to 20 minutes, until a meat thermometer registers 145°F. Transfer the pork to a cutting board and let rest for 10 minutes.

To serve, cut the pork in 1/4-inch thick slices. Arrange the pork in the tortillas and top with the salsa verde, limes, and avocado, if desired.

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