Mole Amarillo

The Guajillo (wha-hee-oh) chile is the most common dried chile in Mexico after the Ancho. The flavor of the Guajillo is distinct, slightly fruity with a strong piney, berry under taste. Guajillo flavors dished easily so a little goes a long way. This chile is between a 2-4 on the heat scale of 1-10. Guajillo, combined with the Passilla and Ancho, form the holy trinity of chiles used to prepare the traditional mole sauces.

Suggested Use:
A mildly hot chile. Use in sauces, salsa, soups and your favorite chile. A little goes a long way.

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1-1/2 pounds beef
2 cloves garlic
1 small onion
2 chayote squash
1/2 pound string beans
4 guajillo chiles (dried)
1 leaf hierba santa or avocado
1 medium tomato
20 tomatillos
10 cominos
1/2 cup masa
2 Tbsp. lard or butter


Cook the meat with the water, garlic, onion, and salt to taste. When the meat is done add the peeled and chopped squash and the beans.

Soak the guajillo chiles for three hours in cold water, then remove the seeds and skins and chop. Toast the hierba santa leaf and then combine it with the tomato, tomatillos and cominos in a food processor and liquefy. Fry the chopped chiles in a half tablespoon of lard or butter, then add the tomatillo mixture. Finally add the meat, beans, squash, and the beef broth.

Combine the masa with a teaspoon of the lard or butter and some salt. Knead well and form into small balls. When the liquid is boiling add the balls one at a time. Serve hot in individual bowls.

Recipes from the Benito Juarez Market.