Roasted Pepper and Feta Salad

BellaFina™ peppers may be used to create a wide variety of recipes, from appetizers to main dishes. BellaFina peppers are often used in salads, vegetables trays with or without dip, cooked in stews and sauces and stuffed with meat, cheese and grains.

Grown on the vine in the field, BellaFina peppers are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. They are low calorie, fat free, sodium free and high in Vitamin C.

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yield: 4-6 SERVINGS


12 Bellafina peppers – red, yellow, and/or orange
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 small red onion, diced (about 1/2 cup)
Handful fresh parsley, chopped (about 1/4 cup chopped)
4 ounces crumbled feta cheese (about 3/4 cup)
1 teaspoon lemon zest


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Wash peppers and lay them in a baking dish. Pour the olive oil over the peppers and bake for about 35 minutes, until wilted and beginning to turn brown. Remove peppers from oven and cover with foil or a towel. Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes. Carefully remove as much peel as you can from the peppers; discard. Some peel may be stubborn and remain – that’s ok. Remove the centers and seeds also.

Cut peppers into 1-inch pieces and add to a large bowl. Add parsley, feta, lemon zest, and the oil that the peppers cooked in. Toss and serve.

Keeps refrigerated for about two days. I think the salad tastes best served closer to room temperature.

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