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Power of Peppers!



Okay, okay… I know this may be a surprise BUT really it’s true!

Did you know that Jalapeño’s actually have more Vitamin C then an orange! And a red Jalapeño has more Vitamin A then a carrot. Who would a thunk, huh!


It really is amazing the nutritional benefits that chili peppers offer.

Trying to lose weight?? Aren’t we all? But hot peppers have been proven to boost metabolism. Now, I’m not saying that its a cure all, but hey can’t hurt, and if you like heat, well all the better right?

Also, if you can take the heat, the hotter the pepper the higher the antioxidant level.

“The more capsaicin, the hotter the pepper, and the higher the antioxidant level,” says Malena Perdermo, MS, RD, CDE, affiliate professor of nutrition in the health professions department at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

But, if you are not a chili head, no worries. Colored bell peppers like our Bellafina Baby Bells are also an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins A and C, B6 as well as a good source of fiber. So, not only are they sweet to eat but GOOD for you too!

They are low calorie snacks, that taste great and satisfy your hunger.

To go along with these fab benefits, it has also been shown that countries that eat a higher amount of capsaisium, they have less incidents of strokes and it tends to improve circulation.

These are just a few of the benefits that peppers provide. If you like the heat or not….it’s ok. They both offer great health benefits!