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Numero Uno!!

HI! To any of you that are reading this, WELCOME to our new website and blog! We are excited to have this new and improved site. If you went on our old site you are probably well aware of our abundance of recipes we have collected over the years.  Well , rest assured that they are getting moved over to the new site. PLUS some new ones!

For our first edition, we wanted to share some pic’s about the farm. We are excited for this new year and new crops! Crops are already looking good at our Florida farm

2013 Florida crop pics


We are already heading to your local stores with jalapeno’s and habaneros to our Bellafina mini bells!!

2013 Florida Habanero


^ Habaneros! HOT HOT HOT

2013 Bellafina


^Bellafina mini bells SWEET SWEET SWEET

We will be growing in Florida till May ( hopefully the weather will allow)  and then we will be back to North Carolina!

We hope that you enjoy our products. We try to do our best to give you what you want from “seed to shelf”. Please bare with us as we learn the “blogging” thing. We have some great ideas we want to share and to let everyone know as Marvin Gaye said it ”  What’s going on .. What’s going on. ( You sang that didn’t you? )

Please feel free to share and let us know what you think of our stuff .

Thanks to all! and stay tuned for more to come!