Jamaican Pepper Prawns

This Caribbean pepper is famous for being the hottest chile pepper in the world. They come in a variety of shapes and colors(yellow, orange,green, red,chocolate). Not only are they extremely hot, but they also have a unique,distinctively fruity flavor.

It is the key ingredient in the popular Jamaican Jerk sauce. The habanero is also widely used in many different types of hot sauces. The popularity of this chile pepper continues to grow and is becoming easier to find on the grocery shelf.

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5 pounds large black tiger prawns, head off and cleaned
1 cup salad oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 whole scotch bonnet peppers
2 Tbsp. vinegar
1 whole carrot, julienned
1 medium onion, sliced into rings
1 stalk celery or 1/4 chayote, julienned


Place a heavy Dutch oven on the stove and preheat to medium for 5-10 minutes. Add the oil and coat the pan. a Add the garlic, peppers, carrot, onion and celery/chayote and stir to mix. Fry until the vegetables are cooked and starting to brown. Add the shrimp and stir fry for 5 minutes. Add the vinegar and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy! In Jamaica they sometimes serve a fresh water crawfish. These are cooked with the heads on and served as finger foods.

Hint: You can cook the same dish in 5 pints of water instead of the oil. Boil everything except the shrimp for 10 minutes, then add the shrimp and cook for another 10 minutes.

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