Chile Margarita Popcorn

The ancho chili is the dried version of the Poblano pepper. Ancho chiles have a deep red color and a wrinkled skin. Anchos are sweet and smoky with a flavor slightly reminiscent of raisins. Their heat is mild to medium-hot.

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Makes 16 c

16 c cooked popcorn
1/3 c butter
1/2 T tequila
1/2 T triple sec
1 t lime juice
1/2 t lime zest
1 1/2 t salt
1/2 t pepper
1 t chile powder (grind dried chiles in a coffee grinder till a fine powder)

Melt butter in a pot. Remove from heat and add in the remaining seasonings. Pour over the popcorn slowly, continually mixing it so that it all gets some flavor. Mix well.

Pour on sheet trays and bake at 300° for 5-7 minutes.