Cajun Blackened Fish Tacos

Morita chiles are red, fully mature Chipotles. This gives them a unique, medium – hot smokey flavor which is popular in many Southwestern dishes. These can be added to sauces (including Mole) to add smokey flavor and maintain the red color of the sauces. These peppers are about 2-4 inches in length, 1 inch in width, and have a deep brick reddish brown color. The word Chipotle translated to smoked chile. Consider the Chipotle a 6.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hottest). Scoville heat units 7,000-25,000.

Suggested Use:
Use Morita in enchilada sauces, chili, stews, barbecue ribs, and corn bread. Their smoky quality combines well with poultry, meats and fall squash.

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1½ pounds white fish
8 ounces Fish Taco Marinade (see recipe below)
8 tablespoons Lime Sour Cream (see recipe below)
8 tablespoons Chipotle Aioli (see recipe below)
¾ pound Asian Slaw (see recipe below)
8 tablespoons Pico de Gallo (see recipe below)
12 6″ white corn tortillas
4 ounces unsalted butter
2 tablespoons blackening spice mix
2 avocados, peeled and sliced

Fish Taco Marinade:
¾ cup unsweetened coconut milk
¼ cup egg yolks, whipped
1 tablespoon cilantro, washed and rough chopped
1 tablespoon jalapeño, minced
1 teaspoon. cumin
1 teaspoon Spanish paprika

Chipotle Aioli:
½ cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
1 chipotle pepper
1 tsp. lime juice, freshly squeezed
Kosher salt to taste
Coarse ground black pepper to taste

Lime Sour Cream:
6 tablespoon sour cream
2 tablespoon lime juice, freshly squeezed

Pico de Gallo:
½ cup yellow onion
1 tbsp. jalapeño
¼ cup ripe tomato
½ teaspoon kosher or sea salt
1 tablespoon lime juice, freshly squeezed
½ tablespoon cilantro, finely chopped
1 pinch black pepper

Asian Slaw:
4 ounces shredded cabbage
2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, rough chopped
2 ounces jicama, peeled and julienned
2 ounces red onion, peeled, sliced paper-thin
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 tablespoons lime juice, freshly squeezed
Kosher salt to taste
Coarse ground black pepper to taste


Fish Taco Marinade: In a clean mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Cut the white fish into 1-oz. pieces and place into the marinade, mixing everything together. Hold refrigerated for at least 12 hours.

Chipotle Aioli: Place all ingredients in a blender. Purée until everything is incorporated and the aioli is smooth in consistency. Transfer to a squeeze bottle with a small tip and refrigerate.

Lime Sour Cream: Place ingredients into a small, clean mixing and blend together well. Transfer to a squeeze bottle with a small tip and refrigerate.

Pico de Gallo:
Dice the yellow onion and tomato; mince the jalapeño. Place in a small, clean mixing bowl.
Wash and finely chop the cilantro; then add to the bowl.
Add the salt, lime juice and black pepper. Mix everything together well and hold refrigerated.

Asian Slaw: In a small, clean mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together.

Preheat a large sauté pan and melt the unsalted butter in the pan. Drain the marinated white fish and gently place into the melted butter. Spread the fish out evenly. Sprinkle the blackening spice evenly on the fish and let sit over high heat for 2 minutes. Flip the fish with a spatula and cook on the other side until the fish is completely cooked.
Turn the heat down to very low and hold hot.

Place the white corn tortillas into another large sauté pan and heat them on both sides. (Be sure the second pan is dry.)
Lay the hot corn tortillas on a clean cutting board and place 2 oz. of the cooked fish on each tortilla.

Top the fish with a little of the Asian Slaw.
Drizzle a little Chipotle Aioli, Lime Sour Cream and Pico de Gallo onto each tortilla.
Top with avocado slices.
Serve immediately.