Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Bailey Farms Inc it is our goal to be the best growers, packers, distributors and marketers of quality Sweet and Chile Peppers, Bellafina Peppers  & Tomatillos, as well as the best suppliers and marketers of Dry Peppers and Hot Sauces.

At the same time we know that quality and safety go hand-in-hand and since we want to produce a “quality” product, we must take care to protect not only the appearance and taste of the products, but also its integrity as a food that is safe to eat.

The produce industry is constantly changing and along with it come challenges to our food safety program, the greatest threat been that of food-borne diseases, these are too great to be taken lightly and no matter how much effort is required the integrity of our food must be maintained.

Therefore it is our mission to ensure that the commodities that we supply are absolutely safe to be eaten. We accomplish this by means of a GLOBAL G.A.P. Food safety program that starts with the quality of the seeds we plant, ongoing personnel training, sanitation procedures enforced in our facilities, and a PTI approved traceability program installed on our packing houses; and to make sure we are always moving forward our food safety program is placed under the supervision of SCS Global Services who makes sure that proper standards of handling and sanitation are pursued and met through audits of our fields, facilities and operating procedures because there is always room for improvement.